American Landscape

Image: William Noland
Sound: Scott Lindroth

American Landscape is an experimental video painting. With no overt narrative, the work depends on landscape, movement, sound, color, texture and rhythm to meditate on contemporary American urban life. The images were shot in and around New York City both before and after September 11th, 2001. The digital and synthesized sound design is based on filtered samples of crowds, malls, speaking voices, highway traffic, and other ambient sound sources.

Video, 2002, 19:00
Camera & Video Editing: William Noland
Sound and Music: Scott Lindroth

Includes text excerpted from Don DeLillo’s Mao II, published originally in 1991, read by Frederick Neumann of the New York theater company Mabou Mines.
Rights have been obtained from both Mr. DeLillo and Mr. Neumann.