Early Summer Nerves

a video by William Noland

In an age of voluntary self-disclosure, the private sphere has become increasingly visible to the public eye. Where does surveillance end and voyeurism begin? In this film set in early 21st century Tokyo, Japan, a loosely articulated, non-narrative documentary form brings together bits and pieces of life in the public sphere.

Despite the apparent desire to project order and balance, the city’s inhabitants often seem edgy, discontented or distracted. Tradition has been pushed deep beneath the careful surfaces they present. Individuals are seen in isolation, caught in daydreaming reverie, ritualized fun, or existential worry. The frame of the film is voyeuristic, probing for those moments when the publicly presented self becomes private again.

Camera, sound design, editing: William Noland
Completion date: 2008
Running time: 29:00
Original format: DVCPro HD 720p 24
Music: William Noland (includes samples from Steve Lacy & Kabuki theater recordngs)