A video by William Noland

Empire takes place in London at Sir Christopher Wren’s renowned 300 year-old Chelsea Royal Hospital. The military facility is populated by elderly in-pensioners who have surrendered their army pensions in exchange for lodging, board, clothing and medical care. On Sunday mornings, shortly after assembly on the Parade ground and the subsequent matins in the adjacent Wren Chapel, the in-pensioners leave their 9 foot by 9 foot berths and head for the mess for early Sunday supper. Dressed in their informal blue uniforms, they make the long trek down the exterior hallways, each of them filing to the mess at his own pace, accompanied, in the film, by the sounds of the Chapel’s haunting chorus.

Camera, sound & editing: William Noland
Music: Solus ad Victimam by Kenneth Leighton
Completion date: 2006
Running time: 2:34