surveillance 3

A video by William Noland

Surveillance 3 places us in New York City on the final night of the 2004 Republican National Convention. Information unfolds in small increments and the film’s meaning and tenuous narrative thread are only gradually revealed and apprehended. Amid a sea of police and protesters awaiting the acceptance speech of President George Bush, a young worker prepares for the launch of a new Diesel clothing store. He cleans the interior surface of the store’s window, safe within a hermetic, commercial universe, sealed off from the tumultuous events occurring just outside. The primal chants of hoards of protesters are heard in guttural, distorted audio: “where’s Osama?”; “Saudi money!”; “corporate media sucks!”; “G.O.P. go home!”. The quiet dignity of simple labor, sensual and elegant, is juxtaposed with the edgy standoff between impassioned crowds and the dutifully stoic police officers.

Sound, music, camera & editing: William Noland
Completion date: 2004
Running time: 8:30