Recent Photographic Projects

Images of Images , 2014 - present

Images of Images, 2014 - present

Images of Images

This still series grew directly from my moving image camera work of the past decade in which observational portraits encompass both duration and stillness. Image of Images seeks to explore that idea in the still image, building an encounter with a human presence that conveys a sense of an extended moment.

Interpolations  2004 - present

Interpolations 2004 - present


Erasures and insertions both focus and obscure these images, altering them long after the taking, and tapping into the realm of editing and elision that has been a part of photography since its infancy.

Film Stills & Split Screens , 2004 - present

Film Stills & Split Screens, 2004 - present

Film Stills & Splitscreens

Related to the series ‘70s Sequences, which used still images to investigate time, this body of work uses film stills that are placed in relation to each other, in some instances closely related in time and in other times bringing together disparate moments.