2014 | Color | HD video | 19:00


Oneiric illustrates the wireless world we now inhabit, examining characters who appear comfortably anonymous in public space, behaving as if they are alone in a private, unusually secure world. The absorbed individuals are seen in coffee shops, their trance-like states brought on primarily through an intense engagement with the alternate reality presented to them through their smart phones and laptops.  

The long takes of the film seek to collectively lay bare the effects of chronic distraction, multi-tasking and technologically mediated intimacy. Is this neuroplasticity at work, a rewiring taking place in real time through our relationship to interactive media? And what are the trace effects of the largely invisible online surveillance we are constantly subjected to?

The film seeks to illustrate a global moment in which personal information is willingly over-shared at the same time that omnivorous states and corporate entities surreptitiously extract data about us for their own purposes. Its focus is attention: where are we directing it, what are the perils of distraction, what becomes of social interaction in an increasingly digital world, and what aspects of human agency are being replaced as a consequence?